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Youfa was founded on July 1st, 2000, who has been titled among the TOP 500 Enterprises in China Manufacturing Industry for 13 consecutive years. Currently, there are about 9000 employees and 193 production lines in 11 factories. In 2018, our production volume is 16 million tons of all kinds steel pipes and exported 250 thousand tons around the world.

Nos nostrum corporation cultus ex antecedenti adhaerentium continenter «amicitiae, cooperante, et win-vincere"; Youfa noster, et magna semper in mente servabo ad missionem of "Praeter semetipsum supplere, Achieving Partners, Youfa ex centum annorum, et in exstructione Harmonia" contribuere ad concors societatis.

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  • Youfa productio basi Tianjin

    Youfa productio basi Tianjin

  • Youfa productio basi Tangshan

    Youfa productio basi Tangshan

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    Youfa productio basi certas

  • Youfa productio basi Shaanxi

    Youfa productio basi Shaanxi

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    Stricte Quality Control

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    Magna productio capacitatem

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    Opus magnum Capital

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