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Black annealed steel pipe is a type of steel pipe that has been annealed (heat-treated) to remove its internal stresses, making it stronger and more ductile. The process of annealing involves heating the steel pipe to a certain temperature and then slowly cooling it down, which helps to minimize the formation of cracks or other defects in the steel. The black annealed finish on the steel pipe is achieved by applying a black oxide coating to the surface of the steel, which helps to resist corrosion and increases the durability of the pipe.

  • Min.Order Quantity: One container
  • Production time: usually 25 days
  • Port: Xingang Tianjin Port in China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Steel grade : Q195
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    Product Anneal Steel Pipe Specification
    Material Carbon Steel OD: 11-76mm


    Length: 5.8-6.0m

    Grade Q195
    Surface Natural Black Usage
    Ends Plain ends Structure steel pipe

    Furniture Pipe

    Fittness Equipment Pipe

    Packing and Delivery:

    Packing Details : in hexagonal seaworthy bundles packed by steel strips, With two nylon slings for each bundles. 
    Delivery Details : Depending on the QTY, normally one month. 

    pre galvanized pipe

    pre galvanized pipe

    pre galvanized pipe

    pre galvanized pipe

    Cold Rolled Steel Pipe Size Chart
    Round Section Pipe Square Section Pipe Rectangular Section Pipe Oval Section Pipe
    11.8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.5, 18, 19 10x10, 12x12, 15x15, 16x16, 17x17, 18x18, 19x19 6x10, 8x16, 8x18, 10x18, 10x20, 10x22, 10x30, 11x21.5, 11.6x17.8, 12x14, 12x34, 12.3x25.4, 13x23, 13x38, 14x20, 14x42, 15x30,

    15x65, 15x88, 15.5x35.5, 16x16, 16x32, 17.5x15.5, 17x37, 19x38, 20x30, 20x40, 25x38, 25x30, 25x40, 25x50, 27x40, 30x40, 30x50,

    30x60, 30x70, 30x90, 35x78, 40x50, 38x75, 40x60, 45x75, 40x80, 50x100

    9.5x17, 10x18, 10x20, 10x22.5, 11x21.5, 11.6x17.8, 14x24, 12x23, 12x40, 13.5x43.5, 14x42, 14x50, 15.2x23.2, 15x30, 15x22, 16x35,

    15.5x25.5, 16x45, 20x28, 20x38, 20x40, 24.6x46, 25x50, 30x60, 31.5x53, 10x30

    20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 27.5, 28, 28.6, 29 20x20, 21x21, 22x22, 24x24, 25x25, 25.4x25.4, 28x28, 28.6x28.6
    30, 31, 32, 33.5, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 30x30, 32x32, 35x35, 37x37, 38x38
    40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49 40x40, 45x45, 48x48
    50, 50.8, 54, 57, 58 50x50, 58x58
    60, 63, 65, 68, 69 60x60
    70, 73, 75, 76 73x73, 75x75

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