YOUFA Galvanized Pipes Cover One-third of Chinese Market

Hot-dip galvanized pipes are manufactured by carbon steel pipe and with zinc coating. The process involves acid washing the steel pipe to remove any rust or oxidation, cleaning it with a solution of ammonium chloride, zinc chloride, or a combination of both before immersion in a hot-dip galvanizing bath. The resulting galvanized coating is uniform, highly adhesive, and has high resistance to corrosion due to the complex physical and chemical reactions that occur between the steel substrate and the molten zinc-based coating. The alloy layer amalgamates with the pure zinc layer and the steel pipe substrate, providing excellent resistance to corrosion.


Hot-dip galvanized pipes are extensively used in various fields such as agricultural greenhouses, fire protection, gas supply, and drainage systems.

civil gas pipeline
green house steel pipe
water delivery pipeline
Scaffolding Steel Pipe