Quality Guarantee

Raw Material Guarantee

Youfa factories sources their raw materials for manufacturing steel pipes from well-established and reputable Chinese enterprises such as HBIS, Shougang, Baotou Steel, Xintiangang, Jinxi Steel, and others.


YOUFA Laboratory

Tianjin Test Testing Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Quality R&D and Testing Center of Youfa Group. The testing center is a collection of metal raw materials and their finished products testing, environmental testing, chemical product testing, natural gas testing, industrial It is a comprehensive inspection and testing institution integrating various testing fields such as boiler water quality testing. With a construction area of more than 1,000 square meters, it has more than 114 sets of testing equipment. The main testing items include: high and low temperature tensile test, bending test, impact test, flattening test, acid salt spray test, chemical composition analysis, etc.

Salt spray corrosion testing box
Mechanical Properties tests
Chemical composition test
Drop Hammer impact test machine

Quality Assurance

Youfa guarantee the weight of the goods delivered must be in accordance with that in the contract. We promise that before the goods leave the factory, there will be professional quality inspection personnel to conduct on-site inspections of materials, specifications, etc., and take pictures and archive; During the cargo transportation process, the customer can track and inquire about the progress of the logistics.
Company qualifications and Product certificates

Company qualifications and Product certificates